In March 1985 Onder de Luifel was taken over by the Veldman and Sterenberg families. They took over the company from the Van de Vegte family, who had previously run it for 23 years.

Bertha and Trijnie initially saw the company as a kind of hobby, but soon realized that it was more than just baking fries and tapping beer.

Yet they have always done this with pleasure and have built an old brown cafe and old-style snack counter into a luxurious snack bar with options from simple fries to eating or delivering complete meals or taking away cold and hot snacks.

The old brown café is still partially present, but underwent a thorough renovation in 1992. In that year, the building next to the old Onder de Luifel was taken over. This was the former building of De Haan bookstore.

This was demolished and rebuilt as a billiard room with 2 match billiards for billiards association “Ons Genoegen” (existing since 1962 in this building) and a snooker table was placed in the front room. This disappeared after a number of years and the room is now used by Zwartewater Catering

In 2001 Bertha Veldman made the decision to quit the company. She transferred her share to the youngest son of the Sterenberg family. Petrit Sterenberg, together with his mother Trijnie Sterenberg, now owns and manages the Onder de Luifel.

The name Onder de Luifel derives from the fact that there used to be a sitting pit in the old snack bar. This was a kind of lowering with two large sofas, a TV set and a fireplace where one could have an aperitif before sitting at the table or just sit in the evening.

Above this was a large awning that disappeared with the renovation of the snack bar in 1987. But because the company has been given this name and it has a rich past behind it, we have decided to leave the name as it is.

We hope that you now know a little more about the history of Onder de Canifel which in reality goes back many, many years further than 1985.